Montreal, Canada

Ethan Cyr
514-608-8252 –
CEO / Head of Studio

Giancarlo “Rawssi” Rossi
514-560-9488 –
CEO / Co-head of Media / Co-head of Haute Naturelle

Elliot Quinn
514-549-5341 –
CEO / Co-head of Media / Head of Printing

Tanya Rossi
514-962-4830 –
Co-head of Haute Naturelle


Oddio Records is always looking to help talented artist gain easy access to the tools they need in order to turn their passion into their main source of income. We work with all artists and producers of different styles, genres and sounds. We are always accepting submissions and promise to take every submission into fair consideration, though we may not have time to respond to every one of you due to high mail volume.

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