JT Soul joins Clément Bazin’s Canadian tour dates

These past 2 weeks JT Soul has joined France DJ and producer Clément Bazin on his Canadian tour dates in Montreal & Quebec City and let me tell you first hand, it’s been quite epic! Clément is an incredible performer bringing all the different aspects of his music to life on stage, from his piano playing, hitting the drum machine and even going in on his steel pan. Also joining Clement from Montreal was the lovely Aaricia, of the notorious up & comers Ghost Club Records, as well as Lawson Jr’Music who’s been performing as Clement’s personal live drummer for his whole tour. Starting in Montreal, the gang performed at the renowned Festival de Jazz de Montreal for an almost sold out show at the MTELUS theatre. They then moved on to Quebec’s enormous Festival d’été du Quebec and played at the Imperial Bell. Clément’s showmanship is unlike anything I’ve seen from someone with an electronic/pop background and was truly an inspiration to witness.

JT and Aaricia were asked earlier last year to be a part of Clément’s recently released album ‘Everything Matters’. After some experimentation JT and Clément came up with their collab song Zero to Six, while Aaricia concocted the smooth single ‘Catch Me’. Also appearing on Clément’s album were Zéfire and Aaricia, who both also not-so-coincidentally hail from Montreal, though they were unable to join Clément for his tour.

Live @ MTELUS for Clement Bazin's Jazz Festival set

Love to Clément Bazin for having me share the stage w/ him at Festival de Jazz de Montréal. 🙏🖤 Catch me playing with him tomorrow at Festival d'été de Québec. ☀️Listen to our single Zero to Six available now. 🔊https://apple.co/2uoRQ9x

Posted by JT Soul on Wednesday, July 11, 2018