JT Soul


Gianni Rivera better, known as his stage name JT Soul, is a Montreal-based rap artist. When it comes to JT’s vibe, it’s definitely one of a kind. His understanding of today’s modern sound as well as how the industry works at his young age of 17 is one of his strongest points. The synergy between him and his beat producer, Jei Bandit, makes them a force to be reckoned with, working together continuously. His versatility and ability to go from auto-tuned RnB to heavy rap with ease is what makes JT a great artist.



Jei Bandit (a.k.a. Meraki-Sama)


Sadrac Junior Acceus, is a rapper and producer who goes by the name of Jei Bandit. Jei started producing at a young age, fascinated with hip-hop and alternative style music. He started his musical career in his former home of Orlando, FL, but really made a name for himself after moving back to his hometown of Montreal and has built quite a fan base over the past two years. During his last 3 years of producing for other artists, Jei has collabed with many artists such as Jamvvis, JT Soul, Nessly and more, as well as working on his beatmaker group, BBYLN SHRDS, alongside VXNYL. As a rapper, Bandit has a very unique, wavy style, but as for beatmaking, Bandit’s styles go anywhere from trap to RnB or electronic.




Maxime Turcq, a.k.a. Krome, was born in the R.D.P borough of Montreal, Quebec. He’s 23 and has been rapping for about 10 years. In the past year or so, Krome has made a huge impact on the local battle scene and has made quite the name for himself. He started his battle career in Montreal for the DMS Battle League and has since been battling in cities such as Detroit and Toronto in leagues like KOTD, Bar Wars and Ground Zero. Krome is a very strong lyricist with impeccable punch lines and has the skill and potential of a top tier battle rapper. His latest feats include his battle versus DNA and performing at the World Domination 6 event. Believe this kid is making noise!




V, formerly known as Mac Vybz, is essentially a HipHop/R&B artist but is exceedingly versatile when it comes to making music. Always including his own unique and memorable sound into his work, V has become one of Montreal’s top tier artists and growing quickly to become one of Canada’s dopest. In his past years as Mac Vybz, he’s gained a lot of W’s under his belt, with multiple mixtapes, singles, contests won and acknowledgement from major artists like Krayzie Bone & Young Chop. Most recently, before going on a quick hiatus, he released his debut album, #Graduation on iTunes, which generated a lot of attention, from the U.S. to New Zealand. Now, after improving his sound and studying the art for a while, he’s making his 2016 comeback as V under Oddio, ready to kill it.


Tris Thomas


Tristan Mazzonna, is a up & coming unique hip-hop artist, born and raised in St. Leonard, Montreal. “Tris Thomas” expresses his craft in a diverse, yet modern manner in which he can fuse conscious music and hard hitting punchlines into a mysterious and creative artistry. Along with music, Tris Thomas is his own clothing designer, painter and all around visual artist. A congruent aspect of his art is his rebellious concepts and experimentation with different styles of music, which compliment the vision he is trying to express within the track. With a compelling image and lucrative mind state, nothing can restrain his productivity and love for the art.




Dany Gagnon a.k.a. Hantz , is a French rapper/songwriter. Originally from Quebec city, Hantz moved to Montreal at the age of 18 pursuing a career in music. Dany’s got a very unique style due to his punk rock roots, where he played bass in a band. Mixing this with ambient & funky hip-hop or modern rap sounds makes Hantz different than most hip-hop artists today.


Jay DaVille


Jay “DaVille” Johnson was raised in the Southwestern Montreal borough of LaSalle, and truly is a product of his environment. After finding a deep passion for Hip-Hop music at a young age, he began writing his own lyrics at age 12, and after years of progression, eventually became the powerhouse emcee he is today. Jay manifests his deepest thoughts, feelings and opinions through his hard-hitting, aggressive and facetious lyrics, and through his craft and personal struggles, has mastered his style and skill. From the depths of Montreal’s underground, he emerges with a potent and razor-sharp edge that makes him the emcee and writer he was born to be.




Mervin Mondezie, born march 27th 1992, is better know for his stage name, Merv, and is a singer/songwriter from the west island of Montreal. He began as a songwriter at age 15 and then continued to singing at 18. Previous to Oddio, Merv made a name for himself dropping 3 independent cd’s as well as doing countless shows and collaborations throughout his hometown. Merv is known for being able to blend RnB with multiple genres which not only makes him a versatile artist in his own right but an artist who’s continually outdoing himself with each track he releases.