JT Soul






Jei Bandit (a.k.a. Meiday)


Sadrac Junior Acceus, is a rapper and producer who goes by the name of Jei Bandit. Jei started producing at a young age, fascinated with hip-hop and alternative style music. He started his musical career in his former home of Orlando, FL, but really made a name for himself after moving back to his hometown of Montreal and has built quite a fan base over the past two years. During his last 3 years of producing for other artists, Jei has collabed with many artists such as jåmvvis, JT Soul, Nessly and more, as well as working with his rap/producer group 999 and forming his label WYDWYA. Following up to his recent releases the “Lone” tape and high rating EP “BOLT”, Jei is planning to release his “Badmind” album Fall 2017. As a rapper, Bandit has a very unique, wavy style, but as for beatmaking, Bandit’s styles go anywhere from Trap to R&B or Electronic.




Maxime Turcq, a.k.a. Krome, was born in the R.D.P borough of Montreal, Quebec. He’s 23 and has been rapping for about 10 years. In the past year or so, Krome has made a huge impact on the local battle scene and has made quite the name for himself. He started his battle career in Montreal for the DMS Battle League and has since been battling in cities such as Detroit and Toronto in leagues like KOTD, Bar Wars and Ground Zero. Krome is a super strong lyricist with impeccable punch lines and has the skill and potential of a top tier battle rapper. His latest feats include his battles versus JC, DNA and performing main stage at Toronto’s BLACKOUT 7 event, being his first PPV battle along with World Domination 6. Believe this kid is making noise!