Oddio’s studios offers a variety of production skill-sets and tools, as both of our engineers have graduated from high level audio-engineering schools. The soundproofed studio offers lots of equipment for all recording, beatmaking, mixing and mastering necessities, included in the list as follows;


-Mac Pro Computer Tower
-Telefunken AR-51 Microphone
-AKG Perception 420 Microphone
-Focusrite ISA microphone Pre-Amp
-Focal Twin 6 Monitors
-M-Audio M3-8 Active Monitors
-Lynx Aurora A/D D/A Converter
-Mackie Universal Controller


-Novation SL MkII Keyboard
-MPC Studio Beat Pad
-Roland TD-9KX2 V-Tour Series Electric Drumset
-Fender Precision Bass Guitar
-Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar
-Oscar Schmidi Acoustic Guitar
-Pearl Vision Acoustic Drumset