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Hailing from the great North of Montreal, Canada, 199V (nineteen-ninety-v), or V for short, is a 23 year old artist with a wide artistry ranging from Trap to R&B and everything in between. 199V has been creating since 2012, previously going by a different name and style. After dropping a number of projects & videos, he jumped on a cross-Canada tour that was cut short by the overdose of his close friend and collaborator, Valentino, died of a drug overdose in 2015. After quite the hiatus, he came back under the name 199V in honour of his late homie Valentino and joined the ODDIO Ent. family.

His project ‘twentytwo’ was technically his debut EP since redubbing himself under his new moniker. The theme of the project is one that anyone can relate to; change. It revolved heavily around his lifestyle change following his first album and the death of his friend. The fan-favorite Way Too Much was a strong first single, getting featured on BLUNTIQ and XXL’s Dash Radio station, while the 2nd single, ‘Island’, plays on the gimmicky-ness of today’s industry and has production by the notorious Planet Giza. In all the project made hella noise and even garnered a sold out launch event at Montreal’s Belmont Theatre.

Most recently V his been releasing a number of singles throughout 2018 and 2019, including his summer hit 187 Love, and has been backed by the likes of Elevator Mag, HipHopCanada, Voir and more.

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199V's most recent releases.

199V - All I Did

Single & Video - February 21st, 2020

199V All I Did Cover Art.jpg

199V - Sad Boy

Single - October 11th, 2019


199V - Haunted

Single - October 11th, 2019





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