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199V begins EP rollout with “Way Too Much” single

199V drops another heater with JT and Bandit, this time for his EP’s debut single. V is currently gearing up for a rollout of 4 singles before the release of his EP on September 28th, with Way Too Much being the first.

Way Too Much could be interpreted as an unapologetic ode to abuse or “overdoing” in every sense of the term. V proudly sings the hook “if I did something stupid I’m not sorry” before bringing some competition to the rap scene with bars like “I got love for my city, they hate too much / but well we the best in this b**h so they can’t do much” and “I see ’em copy, paste, want to Ctrl-V“. Ouch.

Jei Bandit and JT Soul also bring their A game with well constructed 16’s that keep you wanting to replay the song over and over. This is the trio’s second collaborative release with the first being “Everything Times Two“, a total different style of song but a banger nonetheless.

The song includes produced by Jei Bandit and jåmvvis with mixing by Ethan Cyr and Rawssi of ODDIO. Not to mention V’s upcoming EP twentytwo was mastered completely by Dear Lola of Raw Records.

The EP’s title, twentytwo, has a lot to do with the reason the reason V’s been absent from the scene for so long. The next couple releases should definitely clear things up though, so keep up with the boy and look out for the next single.



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