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JT Soul drops his debut EP and it’s got us in our feels

JT Soul has officially just dropped his much anticipated debut EP ‘372 ; Velvet Tears‘. It was premiered exclusively by Complex Magazine this past Wednesday and released on all platforms Thursday via ODDIO Ent. Read the article here.

After months of building up material, scrapping songs, making new ones and tedious hours of studio time & mixing, it’s finally here and it couldn’t be more beautifully imperfect! Also, HUGE thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of the EP. While all of the beats originally started out as full on Jei Bandit beats, the EP received co-production by the likes of jåmvvis, Sterling Grove, crypt Rawssi and was mastered by Tom Coyne, who’s most recent works consist of Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Adele. Executive production of the EP comes from the ODDIO OG’s Rawssi & Ethan Cyr. The EP comes just 2 months after the release of it’s singles ‘Velvet Tears‘ and ‘Sun & Moon‘ which actually dropped as a double-track music video featuring Jei Bandit which can be watched HERE.

Judging by the feedback & articles, you can tell most people were surprised at JT’s age of only 17 and being able to create a project with so much depth. Complex even said “it’s apparent that this young artist has experience beyond his years that he’s been able to challenge into music that straddles genres of alternative R&B, future bass and trap.

When asked by Complex what his inspiration behind the EP was, JT said “This EP details my sometimes youthful exuberant experience with love, drugs, and the streets of Montreal. The concept was conceived one night on the 372 Jean Talon night bus, and every song is a representation of my emotions and thoughts during the afterhours of the night – I hope this record takes you back there with me.”

Stream JT’s latest project below and be on the lookout for some more JT material dropping real soon. It’s kind of hard to hold on to it all, mans never gets out of the booth. Also you’ll find a mini poem by JT at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!



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