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Jon Rivera ends summer with smooth Funk

While working towards the release of his next project, due out in March 2019, Jon Rivera selected 2 outstanding cuts from his song bank to deliver a short and smooth 2 track EP titled Bona Fide Lovin’. The project brings a lighter tone to Jon's artistry and provides a smooth easy listening sound perfect for that summer to fall transition. The record’s production is delivered solely by Rami B, who makes up 1/3 of the Montreal favourites Planet Giza. Both tracks respectively represent the different perspectives of love, bringing duality to usual take on the subject.

In this feel-good cut of the EP, Back2life, Jon lays his cards on the table for the feminine kind, setting straight his views on summer flings, and comes close to being a 2018 Hip-Hop version of the nostalgic Summer Nights classic. Created to groove to, the vintage synth and bass feels fresh compared to the 808’s we’re so used to. A line like “So let me hit it one more time” from a usually introspective writer might seem like a shocking cop-out, but the song is tinted with a humouristic tone where Jon brings out his latin side to life which naturally brings out a more sensual side as well.

With the second slot, Capri, Jon reminisces over old moments that left a mark on him, sitting in the oblivion that addiction leaves in you. Jon's hook gives a light feeling equivalent to floating on a cloud over the Neo Soul/Jazz chords while he comes back to the ground for the verse delivering a flawless flow in a Dark Fantasy by prime Kanye-like fashion. With lines like “I lost a chip of you to find out who is me” Jon does a good job at painting the picture he’s delivering.



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