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Jon Rivera finally drops Déjà Vu

Almost two years after a live performance of the track on Balcony TV, the young Montrealer is finally releasing his highly anticipated single “Déjà Vu”. Jon's DM’s have been full of questions about this track’s release so here it is! Jon Rivera partners with his usual producer myDirtyhaircut to make yet another magnificent song. The two previously collaborated on a number of singles and Dirty singlehandedly composed Jon's entire Goodbye, Lightspeed EP, which was a great stepping stone for the MC’s career.

The song, though mellow, has a mesmerizing musicality to it, proving once again that when these two collab they are a true force of sound. You wouldn’t even know the song was written over 2 years ago by Jon's mature penmanship as the song boasts such a strong statement and pulls at all the right strings. The instrumental is mostly acoustic, save for a few synths and pads, with the guitar provided by Jon's childhood friend Ale Condina.

Déjà Vu is now available everywhere and check out the song’s original performance on BalconyTV below, as well as a small promo clip. Hot off the heels of a huge release for his EP Goodbye, Lightspeed the young MC is not showing any signs of slowing up. Jon had a huge rollout and garnered a lot of attention this summer, turning heads and participating in a number of events, interviews and blogs. We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2020.


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