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Jon Rivera’s intergalactic Goodbye, Lightspeed EP

After months of hard work, singles, videos, and promotion, Jon Rivera’s Goodbye, Lightspeed EP finally arrived on June 7th. Between his two very different singles Doja and Lay in the Sun with Your Soul, people weren’t sure what to expect from this project as it’s an entirely new Jon this time around. The intense diversity between each song not only widens his spectrum but surprisingly flows flawlessly from start to finish. the project’s title eludes to Jon taking off after completing this chapter in his journey and moving on at Lightspeed. The mature content Jon touches on throughout the project proves how advanced the 20 year old singer is for his age.

The 6-track EP was carefully crafted to showcase all aspects of Jon's artistry and has something for everyone, from the chilled out That’s How U Feel? to the grittier 2020 intro. The project was produced in its entirety by myDirtyhaircut, who had previously linked with Jon on his 2018 summer jam LOUD. His 80’s synths and groovy percussions paired with Jon's new-found vocal range make for an great summer project with heavy replay value. We hope to hear more from this duo! Additional credits include mixing by Jon's label-mates Rawssi and Ethan Cyr as well as mastering by UniDisc’s Chuck Bernard and Sterling Sound’s infamous Chris Gehringer.

To welcome the project into the world, Jon threw a huge showcase at Montreal’s Le National venue featuring Joyride Records’ Rymz, a legend in the Rap Québ music scene, and Kallitechnis, the up & coming songstress making waves worldwide, as well as guest appearances by Key Watch and 199V. The event was a huge success and a big thank you to everyone involved as well as Off The Hook boutique for all their help and support. Merchandise and footage coming soon will be available soon.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Cet project a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.


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