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Jon Rivera drop’s his EP’s first single

Lay in the Sun with Your Soul is not only Jon Rivera’s first release of 2019 but serves as the first single to his upcoming Goodbye, Lightspeed EP dropping this Spring. This song is Jon like you’ve never heard him before as taps into a specific sound that somehow makes you both joyous and want to cry at the same time. The uplifting melodies and lyrics give the listener a feeling over overcoming a feat while the beat gives off a heartbreakingly nostalgic vibe.

The production by myDirtyhaircut brings in synths and percussions reminiscent of an 80’s dance song. Chris Gehringer’s mastering adds a perfect touch, seeing as he’s had a hand in mastering timeless classics to modern music like Drake, Wu-Tang and. Rihanna. With lines like “If all we came from is all we know / I hope you find your place in a broken home / Feelin’ like them walls ‘gon cave in, lost your soul / And it’s all we know”, you can clearly hear that Jon's songwriting has levelled as he depicts his pain vividly on this song.

Keep an eye out for the young Montrealer, as he’ll be dropping a video to this song and another single before his EP’s release.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Cet project a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.


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