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Jon Rivera & Maesic make the Canadian-France connection.

Back with his third 2020 single, Jon Rivera links up with France producer Maesic for an invigorating dance tune "Tainted Colors". Fuelled by his crooning vocals paired with myDirtyhaircut’s dance synths and Maesic's bass rhythm, the party anthem has got us ready for quarantine to be over and go wild!

The 80s sound is no stranger to the duo. Jon Rivera and myDirtyhaircut, who previously produced Jon's successful Goodbye, Lightspeed EP last year, are known for bringing a nostalgic tone to all of their collaborations. The two have been creating music for quite some time and even took a trip abroad to France recently to collaborate with artists like Clement Bazin and Maesic to complete Jon's next project, due out Spring 2021.


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