JT Soul brings the funk on ‘Not Your Average Love Song’

Coming off a busy year and a huge wave of singles, JT Soul continues pushing his refreshing new sound with “Not Your Average Love Song”, which even nabbed him the cover of Spotify's Northern Bars playlist. Though you wouldn’t expect it, this 19 year old manages to take it to the roots of hip-hop for some jazz styled vocals and chords, taking on his own twist to a James Brown-ish type breakup song.

Though he’s been in work mode for his next project, JT drops off 1 last track before the year’s end, fitting in season with the winter blues. This time around JT’s crooning vocals paired with the acoustic-heavy beat are reminiscent of an 80’s jazz-infused indie rock ballad. Jei Bandit’s production comes assisted myDirtyhaircut and additional guitar notes by Ale.C, a close friend of JT, over the sample used.

The music video, directed by Maison Baldman, gives the impression that JT is in his dressing room prepping a huge show but ends up drunkly singing at his ex-girlfriends bar as he fights with her until she kicks him out.

Be expecting a game-changing JT Soul project due out Spring 2019.

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