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Jon Rivera it back to bars with Perplexed

Midway through his string of summer releases, Jon Rivera takes it back to his rapping roots with the hard-hitting Perplexed single, and he recruits the perfect candidate for the feature, long-time collaborator Jei Bandit. Filled with braggadocios lines such as “I said fuck the rest / Came to my sense / Came to be the best out / Nothing less” the young MC set the bar high for this one, with Bandit also bringing his A-game to the table with incisive wordplay during his short but quotable verse.

With a production that sits right in between Trap and Ambient with a bridge that adds a splash of Electronic to it, this collaborated production between Key Watch, Jay Century and Jei Bandit is one to remember.

The music video is set in the middle of nowhere where you can find Jon and his boys having what seems to be the time of their life. It gives off that nostalgic feel of just kicking it in your old neighbourhood with the homies back in the day. The gritty visuals were directed by La Maison Baldman.



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