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Immerse yourself in Jon Rivera's "The Feeling"

Taking it a notch higher with his second 2020 release, Jon Rivera drops his “The Feeling (For You)” single. The new song is an upbeat dance track where JT really flexes his newfound vocal range, going from low tones to high falsettos in his one-liner hook, as he proves less can be more.

Once again produced by myDirtyhaircut, the beat's heavy bass pairs nicely with Dirty's guitar strings while the brass is reminiscent of an 80's dance ballad. The nostalgic tone is a go-to for the producer-artist duo, reflected in their past releases.

Jon Rivera broke new ground in 2019 in the form of his Goodbye, Lightspeed EP. The project proved that Jon has truly found his sound and his vocal range has few limitations, blending Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop seamlessly.


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