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JT Soul drops short film to ‘Velvet Tears’ and ‘Sun & Moon’

JT Soul just dropped a new short film and it’s epic! His latest release ‘Velvet Tears / Sun & Moon’ is a double music video containing 2 singles, one of which features Jei Bandit, from his upcoming EP ‘372 ; Velvet Tears‘. The video released last Friday and premiered on EARMILK, calling the “mindfucking visuals” called the song “so soothing that you’ll forget you’re basically watching a horror movie” and compared it to the track ‘Day n’ Night’ by Kid Cudi, “but with a more trip-hop/soothing trap/Montreal feel.

The film was directed by Felix Perreault along with his whole team at Vandales. We have to give it to him, this video was not easy to film and took many long nights and complicated shoots to get perfect. ‘Velvet Tears‘ was originally produced by Jei Bandit and received co-production credits by Sterling Grove, an electro/dance music duo. The second track, ‘Sun & Moon’, was produced, and also has a verse from Jei Bandit as well with co-production by jåmvvis, a long-time co-producer and friend to Bandit. The entire project of course was executive produced by Rawssi & Ethan Cyr of ODDIO, who have been working closely with JT and Bandit for this EP coming.

Right at the start, with the font and headlights you can tell this video is on some Quentin Tarantino style shit. Actually Felix said he based the entire video off a chapter of a french novel he read growing up. Though with the scenes and transitions in the video, it makes it very vague as to what’s happening, leaving it up to the viewer to come up with their own theory as to what’s happening in this scary looking short film. The first song, ‘Velvet Tears’ is probably the first time you’re hearing JT sing in this manner unless you’ve actually been to one of his super secret ODDIO studio sessions he’s been having the past year for his upcoming EP. On some next level, “didn’t know JT had them vocals” vibe. The 2 actresses, Samira Warsame and Arielle Billie, play their part perfectly in this part of the video, bringing mystery and wonder as to what happened to them before they pulled up. When the track switches to ‘Sun & Moon’, we get 2 dope ass verses from a burnt up JT (makeup *wink wink*) and Jei Bandit in what Earmilk called “a Pulp Fiction ass outfit“.

Watch the video for yourself and see what you can make of it. Look out for JT’s EP dropping soon and those singles showing up to your streaming service soon.



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