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JT Soul fuels pain on Write My Wrongs

One of Montreal’s favourite radio platforms La Beatmakerie has just released the lead single to their Roller Coaster compilation album. “Write My Wrongs”, performed by young prodigy JT Soul, is an interesting turn in style compared to his latest releases. The song provides a fresh sound with it’s light piano riff throughout, composed by Dutch Boy, and has a minimal amount of instruments, leaving lots of space for vocals, where JT sounds more raw than usual, going off with 2 emotionally driven 16’s and a light yet deep hook.

Roller Coaster is set to drop September 19th and features a slew of artists from both North America and Europe, like Lowpocus, Manast LL’ and LiamLiamLiam. La Beatmakerie is a Montreal based radio show on CISM 98.3 FM promoting the new generation of artists, from classic Hip-Hop to Electronic. The show broadcasts every Saturday evening and showcases some of the city's best talent.

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