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ODDIO’s 1 Year Anniversary Playlist

One year in, ODDIO has made some pretty big accomplishments and done some dope shit! Our music catalogue has grown in size & style and includes some notable hits by artists JT Soul199V and Jei Bandit. ODDIO has been making hella noise this year in the scene with drops including JT Soul’s notorious debut EP ‘372 ; Velvet Tears‘, his ‘.WAV Tape‘ project and singles including ‘Rosé‘ & ‘Need Your Love‘. Other releases include 199V’s ‘twentytwo‘ album which included hits like ‘Way Too Much‘ & ‘Island‘, as well as Jei Bandit’s ‘BOLT‘ project and a smash single titled ‘Everything Times Two‘ featuring JT, V and Bandit combining their efforts for a fire track.

As much audio that was released, we also released lots of visuals, like videos for ‘Need Your Love‘, ‘Too Fast‘ and a short film to the songs ‘Velvet Tears‘ & ‘Sun & Moon‘ off JT’s debut EP. JT was also featured on BalconyTV‘s first Montreal series and was their first Hip-Hop act to appear on the show. We got mad footage from 199V’s launch party you can watch as well, it got wild! JT dropped a single on WYDWYA‘s compilation tape with Gxlden Child titled ‘All I Need‘ and also had his track ‘Down The Silhouette Road‘ remixed by MTL local jåmvvis. ODDIO’s artists were also featured on blogs like Complex, Elevator, Earmilk, and much more.

Another big member of ODDIO has been making a statement is the man Krome. Dude has been straight killing it, taking the W in every single match this year against some of battle rap’s biggest names. Battling in leagues like King Of The Dot (Toronto), DaMainSource (Montreal) and Bar Wars (Detroit), Krome has taken on DNA, Esem, JC, local king Loe Pesci, JeFFrey and Anubis. All of which were solid W’s. Even KOTD’s notorious ‘Blackout 7‘ event included Krome on their PPV roster. DMS put together some solid battles for the boy, bringing in JC and DNA from the US to face him. The man keeps winning!

Check out our recap video and stream our ‘Anniversary Playlist‘ on SoundCloud or Spotify. You can also read more about our artist on blogs like Complex, Elevator, Earmilk, and more.

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