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Jon Rivera serves "Saved As Draft" appetizer

Introducing Jon Rivera...or rather re-introducing. Previously known as JT Soul, the Canadian singer-songwriter re-introduces himself after a year hiatus where he changed his life, sound and image. The artist’s first release, packaged as the Saved As Draft double single, composed of Americana and Last Winter, was carefully crafted to show the artist’s new direction.

With a sound heavily inspired by the coast where the sun always shines, Americana was composed by Jon and longtime collaborator/composer myDirtyhaircut with co-production to Tim Buron. The single features an acoustic guitar riff with smoothly sung vocals which tackle the universal desire to go out and get the life you dream of. This comes with a music video that perfectly depicting the feeling of the song. The second single, Last Winter was composed as a deep album cut, featuring hard piano keys and synthesizers, where Jon melancholically reminisces over lost love and its hazard - contrasting the high spirits of Americana.

Saved As Draft is meant to serve as Jon Rivera's appetizer, giving just a taste of what's to come with his 2022 rollout. Stream the singles on all platforms now.


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