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ODDIO's studio offers a variety of production skill-sets and tools, as both of our engineers have graduate degrees from high level audio-engineering schools. The soundproofed studio offers lots of equipment for all recording, beatmaking, mixing and mastering necessities, included in the list below.


  • Mac Pro Computer Tower

  • Telefunken AR-51 Microphone

  • AKG Perception 420 Microphone

  • Focusrite ISA microphone Pre-Amp

  • Focal Twin 6 Monitors

  • M-Audio M3-8 Active Monitors

  • Lynx Aurora A/D D/A Converter

  • Mackie Universal Controller


Novation SL MkII Keyboard

  • MPC Studio Beat Pad

  • Roland TD-9KX2 V-Tour Series Electric Drumset

  • Fender Precision Bass Guitar

  • Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

  • Oscar Schmidi Acoustic Guitar

  • Pearl Vision Acoustic Drumset


Feel free to contact us regarding press or performance inquiries, studio rental, mixing, mastering and production at our form below or send us an email.

9280 Rue du Prado, suite 200
Montréal, QC, Canada, H1P 3B4


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