Krome vs. Loe Pesci is finally f**king here!

Krome vs. Loe Pesci. The date is finally here. So many have anticipated this one. Most honestly thought it would never happen, but tomorrow night Krome and Loe Pesci will go head to head for 3 rounds on the Belmont theatre stage. A lot more than just a win rides on this battle. It’s basically the battle for the Montreal title.

Loe, being a vet in the Montreal scene, has been battling for close to ten years and has appeared in multiple leagues such like KOTD, WordUP!, Don’t Flop and more. Loe was considered the city’s champ and was on a steady rise until 4 years ago, during his notorious battle with Daylyt where he got Day’s ball sweat smeared on his face. After that, he quieted down for a while until recently, he’s been appearing in a few battles here and there building up to this one!

On the other hand, Krome is the younger newcomer to this. Though don’t take his time here into consideration ’cause Krome’s BEEN making noise. The now dubbed “Golden Boy” of Montreal has been appearing in leagues all over like DMS, Bar Wars and KOTD. With his first battle being only 2 years ago, Krome has come a hell of a long way, taking on some big names like DNA and JC.

With fans of both arguing over who’s the better of the 2 in the city and the hype building up to this event (first teased almost 1 year ago when Krome called out Loe Pesci for ducking his battle offers), this is definitely an event to not f**king miss! Huge shoutout to DaMainSource for setting this battle up.

Tickets available at or see the Facebook Event Page for more info.

Check out the battle trailer below as well as the 2 part interview/faceoff below.