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Pop / R&B / Electronic

Born and raised in Montreal, 25-year-old singer Dalas has been active in the music industry for 10 years now, though mostly behind the scenes. The singer-songwriter-composer stands out through his unique blend of electronic/dance music and his Pop/R&B vocals. As a lover of the horror film genre he depicts this through his often dark synths and vocal melodies.

Teaming up with his long time friend and musician Billy Williams, the two sold over 200 instrumentals and produced for a number of talents under their duo name Silent Noise. Their production credits include Leli Hernandez, Rio Santana, a number of singles for rapper Stitches and commercial work for Envato. Now stepping out from behind the curtains, Dalas begins his solo artist venture beginning with a 2022 project under his new label ODDIO Entertainment.

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