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Indie / R&B / Pop

Benjamin Caron, stage name Ben Benjamin (formerly known as myDirtyhaircut), is a 23 year old producer hailing from Montréal. Starting his professional musical career in 201, Ben's influence came heavily from his interest in psychedelic rock, electronic production and pop composition, thus which created his style. myDirtyhaircut's production game holds no limits, ranging from indie rock to hip-hop, and that's not including the fact that he mixes & masters all his own music himself.


He is most known for being the personal producer to JT Soul, another Montréal artist and fellow ODDIO member. The two first collaborated on JT Soul's single LOUD back in 2018, snowballing into them working frequently with each other and becoming good friends. In 2019 they released JT Soul's EP Goodbye, Lightspeed, a pivotal one for both their careers, getting recognition from the likes of Vice, Cult MTL, iHeartRadio and much more, along with a live performance of their song "Lay in the Sun with Your Soul" on Global News and the hit song "Gossip" spinning weekly on Virgin Radio.

Now slated for a big year in 2020, both with his own music and working on another project with JT Soul, myDirtyhaircut will surely get his recognition as a versatile producer. His music can be found on all streaming platforms.

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Ben Benjamin's most recent releases.

Goodbye, Lightspeed: The Movie

Documentary - January 26th, 2020


JT Soul - Gossip 

(Music Video)

Music Video - December 20th, 2019


JT Soul - Déjà Vu

Single - November 8th, 2019

Déjà Vu Cover.jpg