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Battle Rap

Maxime Turcq, a.k.a. Krome, was born in the R.D.P borough of Montreal, Quebec. He’s 23 and has been rapping for about 10 years. In the past couple years Krome has made a huge impact on the Canadian battle scene and has made quite the name for himself. He started his battle career in Montreal for the DMS Battle League and has since been battling in cities such as Detroit, Toronto, even London, England, in leagues like KOTD, WordUP, Bar Wars, Capital Rap and iBattle TV. Krome is a super strong lyricist with impeccable punch lines and has the skill and potential of a top tier battle rapper.

As of late Krome has taken on some heavyweights, including Charron, DNA, JC and many more, furthering his title as Montreal's top.

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Krome's most recent releases.

Krome vs. Charron

Capital Rap Battles - January 1, 2020


Krome vs. Faktual

WordUP Battles - December 22, 2020

krome wordup.jpg

Krome vs. Tapedeck

iBattleTV - December 19, 2020

krome vs tapedeck.jpg


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