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199V speaks on the murder of love with “187 Love”

It’s a murder case and the victim is love. After a brief winter hibernating in the studio, 199V finally follows up to his debut twenytytwo EP with his latest release, “187 Love”, just in time for summer. Although the heavy subject matter is delivered in a light tone with a beat that will make for you to dance. 199V croons about heartbreak on his new record which, alluding to the murder of a woman’s love, he speaks on having to deal with a person who’s been hurt in that way before, or as he’d say “You ready to leave don’t go no where / Hard to hear your voice with your love lock down / I’ma get the key girl don’t be scared”.

199V, or V for short, actually had a hand in the production alongside Rawssi of ODDIO, taking on a chiller tone than V’s usual upbeat rhythm. Though he does manage to throw in a monster second verse making sure you don’t forget he’s a lyricist before all else. 187 Love was picked up by Spotify’s New Music Friday and Northern Bars playlists and has been getting mad love! Follow V below to keep up with the boy.



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