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Jon Rivera shines with "Chanel Stars"

Everyone knows, you can't force something that feels wrong, right? Producer myDirtyhaircut & Jon experienced it firsthand this time around. Chanel Stars was born during a 3 day studio binge, where they locked in - off the grid - spending the majority of their time trying to fix a completely different song that will, ultimately, never be released. While at it, one minute they were playing what felt like a billboard charter, the next one they were wondering where it all went wrong. During their 3 days stay, Dirty ended up having to isolate for an afternoon, in an adjacent room to start messing around on a piano. He landed on a new chord progression, which was undoubtedly jazzy-er than what Jon would usually go for but when Jon walked back in, something clicked for the duo and in a matter of minutes, they were so far gone from the original song while knowing exactly where to go.

Stream the second single off Jon's upcoming "Forgot To Mention" EP everywhere now!


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