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Jon Rivera makes the Ceilings come down

Coming strong off his first summer release LOUD, Jon Rivera comes back with another single, “Ceilings”. The in-house production takes on a hook oriented structure where Jon makes sure you remember how he owns this style. While Jon still keeps his deep tone, the song proves to be different from his last release, taking it a notch darker. Where you’d listen to LOUD while turning up at the club, Ceilings is definitely a driving home at 5 AM type track. Though the heavy subject matter, the smooth delivery of the track makes this emotional rollercoaster into quite the cuise into the morning.

The video was directed by none other than Fvckrender, who has worked with the likes Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Flying Lotus & more, as well as co-directed by Boycott. Both of these visual artist’s specialities lie in animation and their skill sets definitely carry into the video. Final editing and mastering of the video was done by ODDIO’s own Rawssi.

“Ceilings is basically what you feel like when all your walls are closing in on you, you’re back’s against the wall and you’re alone. It’s the type of song you can be turning up to in a club and still have a drunk epiphany to. The song’s tone also sounds like it could be a 2.0 version of a track that would have been on my first EP, ‘372 ; Velvet Tears’.” – Jon Rivera



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