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Jon Rivera drops 2020 tune titled Aquarius

Jon Rivera broke new ground in 2019 in the form of his Goodbye, Lightspeed EP. The project proved that Jon had truly found his sound and his vocal range has few limitation, blending Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop while switching between soft falsettos to a seamless rap flow with ease. Now Jon starts off 2020 strong with his new single "Aquarius", gearing up for what looks to be another strong year in the artist's career.

The single is a smooth dancehall track where Jon takes on a softer tone while still throwing a memorable rap verse. The production is a strong effort between Jon's frequent collaborator myDirtyhaircut and the pop/dance duo Silent Noise.

Check out the lyric video for the song below. Jon Rivera is stacked with new singles to be rolled out throughout this entire year. Be on the lookout for another track next month.


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