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Jon Rivera gets LOUD with his latest single

LOUD should be your go to song this year! The song is the epitome of what summer in Montreal feels like. With this anthem/dancehall style hit Jon Rivera strays way off from his usual R&B and hip-hop sounds, flowing over some Soca drums, a funky guitar rhythm and a few creamy R&B synths.

After hitting #10 on iTunes’ R&B charts with his first EP at 17, the young artist feels like he’s finally taking control of his potential. This is a wave to a tsunami of content coming from the young Montrealer, including a string of singles and videos.

Jon had the following to say to Mr. Wavvy when asked about the track; “Loud is basically my take on what summer should feel like. Being free and most important being experimental! A song like this is rejuvenating in some sense, it’s my abc’s of how making a hit can have content and still be fun with it.”


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